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With OPI, warehouse numbers and activity become visual so everyone on the team stays alert. 

Warehouse Inventory Management Made Simple

Manage stock in one or more warehouses in a simple interface. View warehouse quantities inline with FBA quantities and track inventory movement with ease. 

Intelligent and Robust Warehousing

Track Inventory Movement

OPI provides multiple warehouse capability with intuitive transfer and receive tracking, audit logs, quick edits, CSV uploads, and more. Does your manufacturer hold stock? Do you use a co-packer? No problem, set them up as a warehouse and track quantities and movement. 

If you treat your FBM numbers as your warehouse tracking or use an integration to auto-update FBM numbers alongside Shopify, Ebay and other channels, select our FBM warehouse setup option to see your FBM stock quantities. We offer multiple options to fit your unique e-commerce warehousing needs. 

User Oriented

Easily Create, Accept and Track Transfers between Warehouses

Transferring inventory between warehouses can be a complex task. In One Page Inventory we provide a simple interface to create and manage transfers and record receives. When creating transfers we keep your inventory in view so you can keep your context when making decisions on SKUs and quantities to transfer.

CSV Importer

Batch Update Quantities

One Page Inventory supports a CSV import to easily initialize or adjust your SKU quantities across all products and warehouses. We provide a CSV template, you fill in the numbers and upload. This process works well for setting up your initial warehouse quantities, but can also be used when making large inventory adjustments later on.

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