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Integrate Shopify to Track your Inventory and Sales

Shopify inventory and sales data can be integrated through connection with your store(s). Each SKU's Shopify data is viewed in line with other sales channels and warehouses to provide full clarity at a glance. 

Inventory Levels Displayed Alongside each SKU

Track Shopify Inventory

Shopify is an important sales channel for many sellers. Inventory tracking is a feature in Shopify that now syncs flawlessly to OPI. View current in stock numbers alongside each of your SKUs, whether they are only in Shopify or exist in other marketplaces and warehouses as well. Combine inventory data into replenishment for all channels and quantity to order from manufacturers for absolute full-scope inventory management. 

Combine Shopify with other channel inventory and sales data for a
complete inventory management dashboard
Maintain visibility into Shopify through the OPI intuitive dashboard with integrated replenishment data. 

Sales Data with Recent and Historical Graphs

View Shopify Sales

Shopify sales can be an important part of the inventory management chain. One Page Inventory shows Shopify current and historical sales numbers with graphs and sales numbers alongside other integrated marketplaces. This method of display provides for quick decision-making and immediate awareness. Shopify sales can be integrated into total sales velocity and quantity to order from manufacturers across all channels, for absolute full-scope inventory management. 

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