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Sales history and estimated forecasts all together in a single dashboard view

Sales Forecasting

Forecasting sales without the right data can lead to major losses. One Page Inventory processes hard-to-get data from Amazon sales history and displays trends, allowing you to estimate future sales with ease and compare product performance. 

Eliminate the Guess Work

Detailed Seasonal Forecasting, Compare Last Year to This Year

For Amazon sellers, understanding sales escalations during specific periods is extremely important, yet product sales history can be difficult to find. One Page Inventory analyzes last year’s sales and compares to this year, providing you with valuable insight for ordering from manufacturers and replenishing to Amazon. You will no longer be caught off guard with increased or decreased sales!

Comprehensive Charts and Accurate Data

Last Year Sales by SKU

The sales history of each product is integral to understanding its growth, and the potential for escalation during certain periods. The forecasting tool reaches back 15 months to show sales peaks and dips, all in a single chart. 

A formula is applied to “normalize” sales, while escalation periods are analyzed against the normalized period to provide a percentage of change. This same percentage can be applied to this year's sales, to form the bases for your forecast.

Work Backwards from Projected Sales to Ordering

Detailed Forecasted Sales Aggregated Across All the Marketplaces

If you sell in multiple Amazon marketplaces, you will need to order product from your manufacturers to replenish them accurately. One Page Inventory combines your forecasted sales across all marketplaces to make sure you have enough stock on hand at all times. 

The Future is Foreseeable

12 Month Future Forecast

Choose the period of forecast, up to 12 months in the future. OPI calculates estimated sales during the forecast period based on previous increases or decreases. Modifying calculations for anomalies, such as discount sales or out of stock periods is simple and quick. The final result is a tuned forecast based on the best data available, allowing you to adequately prepare for holidays or other sales events. 

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