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The trial version offers all of the features included with a regular subscription. Test out the software for 14 days before committing to a monthly or yearly subscription.

Ever-Evolving Features

In addition to the multitude of features listed below, One Page Inventory is always evolving and introducing new features to stay up to date with Amazon's dynamic platform.

No Surprises

Pricing does not fluctuate based on your sales. Lock in your subscription price now to ensure you're paying the lowest price offered.  

Special Pricing For Agencies

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Plans That Grow With Your Business

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or $1,069/year

SAVE 10%

SKUs combined across marketplaces

FBA + FBM sales totals

Aggregated sales and replenishment data

Order requirements for manufacturers

All Marketplaces Side-By-Side

Stockouts formula to reflect true, accurate sales

30, 60, 90+ day sales numbers

(all the way to 15 months back)

Accurate Sales by SKU

All inventory statuses shown

(Available, Inbound, FC Transfer, FC Processing, Customer Reserved, etc.)

Daily inventory history

Inventory Status Detailed Breakdown

Daily inventory history

Inbound Inventory

Seasonal forecasting, compare last year to this year

Last year sales by SKU

Escalation percentages applied to this year’s sales

Sales Forecasting





Beautiful and accurate replenishment reports 

(available in multiple formats)

Quick send-to-email option

Clear and Simple Reporting

Learning on the fly

Self-training, self-learning

Help Mode

Agency Dashboard

Custom Modules

Priority Support


Agency Management

Intelligent formulas based on limits

Storage types

Replenishment totals

Inventory Limits


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Didn’t found the answers you were looking for?
No worries, visit our help center or contact our team.

Does One Page Inventory support remote fulfillment?

Yes, One Page Inventory supports both distance sellers and remote fulfilled listings.

Does One Page Inventory incorporate Amazon Storage Limits?

Yes, One Page Inventory's shipment planner factors in your inventory limits when providing suggested quantities for FBA inbound shipments.

Does One Page Inventory support FBA and FBM?

Yes, One Page Inventory supports both FBA and FBM, but is more richly focused on the FBA listings.

What Amazon marketplaces does One Page Inventory support?

We support all marketplaces in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Will the cost of my plan change in the future?

We will never change the cost of your plan, and you will get all improvements and features for your plan level for life at no extra charge.

Does One Page Inventory have a free trial?

Yes, all plans have a 14 day free trial and you will not be charged if you cancel within this time period.

Do I have to log in to each Amazon Market separately when I want to view them?

No! One Page Inventory lays out all of your connected markets on Page One, side by side for you to easily view and make decisions on.

Does One Page Inventory integrate with my warehouse?

This is currently in development!

Does One Page Inventory provide inventory reports?

One Page Inventory currently provides inventory status and FBA replenishment reports with multiple delivery options.

What if I have products that have different SKU's in different marketplaces, but they are the same product?

One Page Inventory will automatically match the SKUs if they share the same ASIN or FNSKU, but you can also manually match any listings as desired.

Start Taking Control Over Your Inventory

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I never knew managing my inventory across multiple Amazon marketplaces could be so easy. What once took me 12 hours a week, now can be done in an hour with One Page Inventory. Plus my laborious spreadsheets are a thing of the past!

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