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One-Of-A-Kind Interface

The first software to combine dashboard views with deep drill-down data, to help you achieve increased inventory management efficiency and clarity. One Page Inventory is built to handle just a few, or thousands of SKUs with ease.

Successfully selling on Amazon requires full daily awareness of your inventory to avoid costly errors

Revolutionary Interface

Built for Speed and Clarity

One Page Inventory is the only inventory management tool in the world that combines dashboard views with deep drill-down data, without forcing you to lose your place in the software. It's a revolutionary interface that offers massive efficiency gains and true clarity. It's quick to learn, easy to use, and highly revealing. We've been asked, "How did no one think of this before?"


Product and Inventory Management


Built on a foundation of cutting-edge process thought and inventory management techniques, One Page Inventory is the new wave of managing physical products. Amazon inventory, in particular, changes often. Don't settle for tools built years ago that haven't kept up. To win, you need to remain equipped with the best software that stays up to date with Amazon's dynamic landscape.

Clean and Streamlined

Dashboard Views Everywhere

Dashboard views are usually kept separate from other software areas, yet remain the most useful. One Page Inventory is entirely built of dashboard-like views, with further details available through popups. This allows for handling even thousands of SKUs with ease.

Data That Your Drives Your Decisions

360 Degree User Awareness, No Blindspots

One Page Inventory gives you the complete picture of all Amazon marketplaces you sell in, from top to bottom, all at once. It's so simple you can use it in meetings! Forget trying to extract information from staff members with specific knowledge; now you can easily digest the data and know for yourself. 

Complex Solutions Made Simple

Designed Through Deep Analysis of Inventory Management

Inventory management is a complex process involving data, processes, and knowledge. We found that every other software on the market not only doesn't help how it should, but often makes it even more confusing. 


One Page Inventory is the result of extensive research and design, resulting in software that mirrors how we as inventory managers, and simply humans, actually operate. We believe it's the first tool built with this mindset. 

Now that you know us...

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