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Inbound inventory shipments viewable on each SKU, with status updates and relevant data

Inventory Status Detailed Breakdown

Amazon's Seller Central portal displays limited information on your FBA inventory. One Page Inventory is loaded with helpful data to give you full insight into your inventory totals and status of inbound shipments. 

Comprehensive View

Detailed Amazon Inventory Status

Many inventory software tools that do not deeply integrate with Amazon show a single number for inventory quantity. When it comes to Amazon FBA, this number is insufficient and requires further breakdown. One Page Inventory shows status' like FC Processing, Inbound inventory, and Customer Order, to help you understand reserved quantities and available quantities. 

Without this breakdown, too little or too much inventory may be sent to Amazon. Understanding the full picture means less mistakes and more products in-stock, especially when inventory limits come into play. 

Stay in Stock

Daily Inventory History

Inventory quantities are logged daily, as well as other data points that indicate when you were in stock. One Page Inventory combines these numbers into 30 day time periods to inform you how many days in each period you maintained stock. This feature is important to understanding how well you are stocking your FBA listings, a metric that Amazon considers as high importance. 

Inbound Inventory Factored In

Detailed Inbound Inventory Tracking

A few questions that Amazon FBA sellers ask when sending constant shipments are “What did we send?”, “Why isn’t that shipment in stock yet?”, etc. One Page Inventory shows inbound inventory shipments in a running history, with detailed status breakdowns such as units sent and units received. When a shipment is stuck, a flag will show in the Issue Tracker to inform the user. There’s no easier way to keep track of inbound inventory.  

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