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Don't let inventory limits interfere with your FBA inventory replenishments. OPI calculates replenishment totals including Inventory limits and other variables.

Inventory Limits

Ever-changing Amazon imposed inventory storage limits can be a major hurdle when determining replenishment numbers. Our software accounts for these category-specific limits when calculating replenishment requirements.

We Do the Work for You

Intelligent Replenishment Formulas Considering Inventory Limits

Amazon FBA replenishment requirements can be daunting to calculate and even more so when trying to consider inventory limits. One Page Inventory employs a robust replenishment formula that includes inventory limits, to help you stay in-stock and reduce lost sales. 

Gain instant Clarity

Storage Types Exposed

Amazon FBA Inventory storage types can be confusing to understand. We show you the storage type of each SKU in a table that is simple to read and filter. Enter your inventory limits numbers to apply them to each storage type instantly. No more guessing and no more inaccurate replenishment! 

Inventory storage types can change periodically, without the seller even knowing. One Page Inventory includes a Storage Type change history and a notification when it happens, to allow you to open a case with Amazon and fix it. 

FBA Replenishments Made Easy

Detailed Replenishment Report

Carefully designed replenishment report includes inventory limits data and replenishment totals, as well as background data for each SKU (such as Storage Type and 30 day sales), to give the full picture on each product. 

The information available for each product, and the format of this replenishment report allow outside personnel, such as 3PLs, to fully understand replenishment requirements with no questions asked.

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