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Help Mode reduces the friction required to master the software, allowing users to learn on their own over time

Help Mode

Learning new software can be intimidating. That's why we created Help Mode — an innovative tool for familiarizing yourself with the different features and understanding the data.

Time Saver

Learn on the Fly

Jump right in, no training manual required! Toggle Help Mode on to instantly unlock your helpful assistant. Help Mode offers an in-depth explanation of what each column represents and how the number in each box is calculated. Additional tips and helpful stock information is displayed.

You'll never be stuck wondering what a feature of the software does or how the information is consolidated.

Read the brief explanations as you go via Help Mode popups, never navigating away from your current page or losing your train of thought.

No Need for Training

Open Help Mode and Hover Over Anything in the Software

When you want background information for any field displayed in the software, simply hover over the yellow pulsing dot for a helpful description. The descriptions offer transparency into how One Page Inventory accumulates and displays the data.

Not only does Help Mode make learning the software effortless, but it also offers greater insight into the multitude of ways the software helps sellers streamline inventory management.

User Oriented

Self-Training, Self-Learning

Help Mode equips you with the knowledge and tools to become a better seller. Gain familiarity with the software to understand the complete picture of your sales and inventory numbers, which provides greater inventory management resources and insight than Amazon offers.


Help Mode makes the software easy to learn so you won't be stuck wondering how it works or wasting your own time training employees. The user friendly interface is fun and simple to use.

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