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Worldwide Amazon FBA & FBM Marketplace Integrations 

As a performance seller, growing Amazon sales requires analysis of thousands of data points. Most inventory management tools integrate Amazon haphazardly, to simply claim they "support Amazon". This leads to inaccurate sales data and substandard replenishment decisions.

Our deep integrations with international Amazon marketplaces carefully process FBA and FBM data to give you accurate, complete, and forward-thinking intelligence, in a format that can support thousands of SKUs.

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Seasonal forecasting

Last year sales by SKU

Escalation percentages


12 month forecasts

Amazon FBA & FBM

Sales by SKU up to
15 months history

30 day sales

Stockouts formulas

Inventory detailed breakdown

Daily inventory history

Intelligent formulas based on limits

Storage types

Replenishment totals

Inventory Limits

SKUs combined across marketplaces

Aggregated sales & replenishment data

All Marketplaces Side-By-Side

Manufacturer order requirements

Combined Replenishment

FBA + FBM sales totals

Worldwide marketplaces all sales

Combined Sales

Inventory Management Features Built Specifically for Amazon Sellers

One Page Inventory features are built to provide quick and insightful snapshots of current and historical data points, across all marketplaces. In various situations where Amazon data isn't even logged, we log it for you. Our features offer the complete inventory system you need to scale.

10 +


30 +


900 +


API Integration

Integrating with Amazon’s API requires extensive research, work, and familiarity with the platform. One Page Inventory was built by Amazon sellers, so we know what data is needed to form a robust inventory management solution. 

Deep Integration with Amazon +
Accurate Data and Features that Work

Extensive Amazon Marketplace Integrations That Help You Grow

Different Global Selling Types Require Different Methods of Interacting With Your Account

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

Unified Seller Accounts

Remote Fulfillment with FBA

Pan-European FBA

European Fulfillment Network (EFN)

Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) & More!

Sales and Inventory History

Upon connecting to your account, One Page Inventory goes to work processing hundreds of reports to build your sales history for each product, reaching back 15 months initially. Together with sales, other data is carefully logged to form the foundation of your account, and therefore your replenishment and product ordering decisions. Other data that isn't even available in Seller Central begins logging as well, to help you gain more and more clarity over time. 


This is just one of many examples of our deep integration with your account. Other software may claim to "support Amazon" with limited data, but as a volume seller, you know you need the full picture. That is what we give you.

15 Months History Logged Initially

Global SKU Recognition

One Page Inventory analyzes each integrated marketplace and intelligently combines shared global SKUs to arrive at a single row for each SKU — offering simplicity and speed understanding sales, inventory, and replenishments.

The software differentiates marketplace-specific SKUs from Global SKUs, and displays marketplace-specific data accurately and uncombined.

Effectively Combines SKUs Across Global Marketplaces


One Page Inventory is hard at work building integrations for additional channels.

Amazon sellers are our people, and we built this software exclusively for you, but we know most Amazon sellers need inventory management software for multiple e-commerce channels. That's why we are continuing to integrate additional inventory locations and e-commerce sales channels. Stay tuned for big things!

Amazon Is Just the Beginning

Are you an aggregator, 3PL or other party that would like to integrate with us? Contact us

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Who is One Page Inventory for?

All Amazon FBA and FBM sellers will find value with OPI, but volume sellers will experience the biggest benefits, as it displays your products in a compact and efficient way. The data behind each product is carefully curated so it's accurate and trustworthy. Other software fails before it even begins - often with inaccurate sales data calculated as the basis for replenishment. OPI is for Amazon sellers that want to scale.

I sell in multiple international marketplaces, does OPI combine them together?

Yes! One Page Inventory lays out all of your connected markets on Page One, side by side for you to easily view and make decisions on.

Does One Page Inventory integrate with my warehouse?

This is currently in development! We will be adding external warehouses and 3PL integrations in 2022. Stay tuned and get on board in the meantime...

Does One Page Inventory provide inventory reports?

One Page Inventory currently provides inventory status and FBA replenishment reports, with more report options to come.

What if I have products that have different SKU's in different marketplaces, but they are the same product?

One Page Inventory will automatically match the SKUs if they share the same ASIN or FNSKU, but you can also manually match any listings as desired. Our intelligent product matching engine takes care of the guesswork often found in other software.

Does One Page Inventory have a free trial?

Yes, all plans have a 14 day free trial and you will not be charged if you cancel within this time period. Give it a go!

Will the cost of my plan change in the future?

We will never change the cost of your plan, and you will get all improvements and features for your plan level for life at no extra charge.

What Amazon marketplaces does One Page Inventory support?

We support all marketplaces in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Does One Page Inventory support FBA and FBM?

Yes, One Page Inventory supports both FBA and FBM, but is more richly focused on the FBA listings.

Does One Page Inventory incorporate Amazon Storage Limits?

Yes, One Page Inventory's shipment planner factors in your inventory limits when providing suggested quantities for FBA inbound shipments. Our inventory limits calculator is based on a multitude of accounts and correlated replenishment data.

Does One Page Inventory support remote fulfillment?

Yes, One Page Inventory supports both distance sellers and remote fulfilled listings. This is incredibly important! It means the data we show you is accurate and trustworthy, so you can plan accordingly.

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