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Comprehensive view of marketplace numbers displayed individually as well as combined eliminates your efforts to aggregate data manually

All Marketplaces Side-By-Side

Quickly get a snapshot of each item across all Amazon marketplaces it's sold in. Eliminate the hassle of logging in to each separate marketplace to determine essential inventory numbers and sales data. View aggregated totals and combined statistics for FBA and FBM. 

Consolidated Data

SKUs Combined Across Marketplaces

If you sell the same product in multiple marketplaces, information such as sales, available inventory, and necessary replenishment totals are displayed side-by-side. Immediately understand how much inventory you have in any given marketplace, how much you are selling, and how much you should buy from your manufacturer.

Only want to view some of the marketplaces or specific data? No problem! One Page Inventory's robust filtering options lets you select the columns and criteria you want to see.

Informative Calculations

FBA+FBM Sales Total

View combined sales segmented by FBA and FBM orders in each marketplace. The straightforward platform enables you to stay up to date with sales by SKU and marketplace. Understand where sales are coming from so you can make necessary adjustments to further improve high-performing channels and address low-performing channels or other pitfalls that may have been overlooked.

Simply hover over any box for a popup to display more in-depth sales information.

Reduce Your Efforts

Aggregated Sales and Replenishment Data

Knowing when to send inventory to Amazon, and how much to send can be complicated. We simplify the process with straightforward formulas and intuitive settings.  


Effortlessly determine how much inventory to send to each FBA marketplace in one simple view with remote fulfillment factored in. Replenishment totals are calculated based on your specific needs and requirements, including minimum stock levels, lead time, desired stock, inbound numbers, and more. See how many days are remaining until you run out of stock based on recent sales velocity.

Get Ahead of the Game

Order Requirements for Manufacturers

Factor in manufacturing timelines, shipping speeds, and desired in stock days to ensure you're placing your orders with manufacturers on time. Never again allow poor time planning and management to be the reason you go out of stock.

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