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True, Accurate Sales

Stockouts Formula

The core of One Page Inventory is a system of formulas that track stockouts, sales, and other important data. The software accounts for inconsistencies to give you the most accurate picture of days remaining in stock.


After connecting your marketplaces, the system learns over time and becomes more accurate and robust. 

Accurate Sales by SKU

Amazon issued reports, which hold sales history data, can be a pain to access and time consuming to analyze. Elite sellers managing multiple marketplaces and SKUs need accurate sales numbers to form the basis of ordering and replenishment decisions. With One Page Inventory, historical sales data is displayed neatly by SKU. Instantly view FBA and FBM sales in all marketplaces separately and combined.

Captivating Sales Data Line Chart

30, 60, 90+ Day Sales Numbers

FBA and FBM sales history can be buried within Seller Central, and third party software often doesn't process it correctly, leading to replenishment miscalculations. The One Page Inventory sales aggregation engine was built meticulously, to overcome common data errors. It analyzes past sales and displays graphs that are easy to digest. Anomalies are easy to spot and the data is accurate, so replenishment decisions can be trusted. 

Total Sales View

FBA + FBM Sales Combined

Get the complete picture of your FBA and FBM sales numbers, separately and combined. Know how much inventory you are selling in any given period and marketplace.

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