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Inventory Management Software For

Elite Amazon Sellers

Managing FBA inventory across a multitude of products and marketplaces is notoriously difficult

One Page Inventory simplifies this process with comprehensive data and clear workflows

Designed specifically for volume FBA sellers, built for the future of e-commerce

Master your Replenishment

Know exactly how much to send to Amazon, when to send, and when to order from your manufacturers. No more guessing.

Discover Problems Immediately

Gain instant awareness of inventory bottlenecks, storage issues, product attribute changes, and suppressed listings. 

Plan for Future Growth 

View historical sales and inventory data, complete with trends and percentages. Order from suppliers with confidence.

Page One

All Amazon Marketplaces in 
One Page, in One View 

No other software offers all ASINs from all marketplaces in one view, an incredible efficiency gain for managing Amazon FBA & FBM inventory. 
To do it, we had to build an entirely new type of interface from the ground up.

Amazon seller - FBA/FBM, $2m+ annual revenue

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"One Page Inventory is the only software we found that displays all products in a simple, compact view. We now TRULY understand our inventory and sales across all marketplaces."

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Our deep integrations with international Amazon marketplaces offer a multitude of data to give you actionable inventory insights when you need them.


Integrating the marketplaces you sell on is simple and takes only minutes to connect. One Page Inventory is currently compatible with 12 global marketplaces, with additional marketplace compatibility offered soon.

Deep Amazon Integrations

Detailed Reporting

Intelligent Formulas Designed for Volume Sellers

Our formulas and automations are built by Amazon sellers, who deeply understand the nuances of Amazon FBA and FBM. Other software that treats Amazon data as “just another integration” may use flawed or incomplete core data, resulting in flawed formulas. We have seen this time and time again. Aspects like pending inbound shipments or units in FC transfer can dramatically impact replenishment. We sort these out and provide accurate insights. 

Strong Foundation

Accurate and Trustworthy Core Data

Accurate Amazon inventory management requires accurate core data, a critical fact that most software neglects (such as Stockouts), due to the complexity in gathering it from Amazon and using it properly.

We make sure the data you use for inventory decision-making is accurate and trustworthy. Even small differences in sales or inventory data can generate dramatic differences in replenishment numbers and timelines - costing money, time, and lost sales.



Help Mode

Teachable in 30 Minutes

The entirely unique Help Mode feature allows the user to hover over data points and read articles to learn more. This incredible feature brings clarity and understanding while using the software, which is proven to train more effectively.

Combined with the Unique Interface that displays deep data when you need it, without removing the user from their original position, One Page Inventory is the first inventory management tool that can be learned in 30 minutes.  

Warehouses Management System

Managing stock in a simple way

Amazon FBA replenishment requirements can be daunting to calculate and even more so when trying to consider inventory limits. One Page Inventory employs a replenishment formula that includes inventory limits, to help you stay in-stock and reduce lost sales. 

Amazon Inventory Management is

No Longer Complex!

Have you noticed FBA replenishment and management starting to take way too much of your time? Are you feeling frustrated by the lack of clarity in Seller Central or other software? You are not alone. Sellers from $1m to $100m annually still fight through this part of the business daily. 

When you have 10+ FBA products and/or sell in multiple marketplaces, the complexity of managing inventory becomes dramatically compounded. The seemingly basic questions of how much am I selling, when to replenish to FBA, how much to send, and how much to order from manufacturers remain complicated, not to mention stranded inventory and inventory limits. That’s because the data in Seller Central is scattered or non-existant, must be compiled manually, or other software that claims to manage Amazon inventory falls short. 

Gain Control of

Daily FBA & FBM Issues

Volume selling on Amazon is anything but predictable, there’s always a new challenge that pops up. Stop being caught off guard and start getting ahead. 


Our Issue Tracker tool displays the most common bottlenecks and helps you solve them with ease, or delegate the work to others. 

Changing Inventory Limits 

FC Processing Lags

Stranded Inventory
Storage Type Changes
Stuck Inbound Shipments

Suppressed Listings

Start Taking Control Over Your Inventory

Schedule a Demo with our team to find out what One Page Inventory can do for your business.

Start taking control over your inventory

Schedule a Demo with our team to find out what OPI can do for your business

Replenish Accurately

Send just the right amount of inventory at just the right time

Control Your Stock

Powerful shipment planner with inventory limits and more

Spot Inventory Issues

Don’t be caught off guard, just check your Issue Tracker

Consolidate Workflows

View marketplaces together with aggregated totals

Increase Your Profit

Become a just-in-time replenisher with zero innefficiencies

Show the Entire Team

Present Amazon data easily and clearly in meetings

Gain 360° Awareness

See the whole picture instantly, 
no more piecing together data

Unlock Your Potential

Face the competition with better tools and strategies, and GROW!

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